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Project Gallery
Project Gallery
Project Gallery
The gratitude to innovation
A salutation to the new beginning...
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 ETA Group New Launch - Everone HD and Gamma

ETA… the brand from the house of ITALICA floor tiles Ltd and FACE Ceramics, a group who has relentlessly given products that have been the hallmark of quality and aesthetics. Taking this custom of success ahead, ETA would be rewriting history in the tiles industry.

Eta is for you… if you want not just tiles but the reflection of your dreams
Eta is for you… if you have true sense of elegance
Eta is for you… if you envisaged life in every corner of your home
Eta is for you… if home is the precious space for you

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PROTO (Digital PGVT) MAGNETO (Digital PGVT) EVERONE (Glazed Vitrified Tiles) EVERONE HD (Digital GVT) AZTECA (Spanish GVT) DURANCE (Double Charge) TERRAIN FLOOR TILES ALPHA (Digital Wall Tiles) BITA (Digital Wall Tiles) Gamma (Digital Wall Tiles) ELEVENTA (Elevation Tiles)
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